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The Guatemala´s Caribbean Rainforest Biological Corridor- is one of the world richest and most bio-diverse ecosystems in the world, securing ecological connectivity between Belize and Honduras, along the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. A network of 11 Protected Areas that stretch across the region and protect the reefs, mangroves, wetlands, rainforests and cloud forests that bless this beautiful land.

The avifauna of the Guatemalan Caribbean Coast is the richest and most diverse in the country. The studies carried out in the region have detected 48 families, 504 resident and migratory species that represent more than 70% of the total bird species of Guatemala.

Of the 504 species of birds, 11 are regional endemics.

These forests are an important migratory corridor: more than 90 migratory species use them as hibernation or resting sites.

Because of the region´s unique natural beauty, protected areas are at the centre of the region's identity and at the core of product development stretch from high mountaintops to the green waters of its Caribbean estuaries.

In order to support the development of Caribbean Guatemala as a unique destination for professional photography, we are offering new sites introducing hide photography attractions in our premier sites and oceanic/pelagic photography activities with subaquatic photography as you snorkel the coral reef.

We have been developing 3 different areas, from the Northern border of the country to the Caribbean sea and its surroundings. Consequently, there will be a high number of hides dedicated to the most emblematic species of this


Las Escobas with its pure forests and natural pools will be the background of special artificial sceneries dedicated to macro photography. On the other hand, in Rio Sarstun, where there is already a biological station, the target species will be Orioles and Tucanoes, and in Insinada Verde with a special Forest Tower Hide for Motmot and many passerines. However, the real treat of this area is the Caribbean Sea. We won’t lose the occasion to discover it and its pelagic species, as it is still not enough what we know about them.

The Region has a diversity of stunning salamanders and beautiful frogs nationally and globally threatened: Bolitoglossa odonnelli, Bolitoglossa dunni, Agalychnis moreleti, Bromeliohyla bromeliacia, Duellmanohyla soralia, Bolitoglossa Mexicana y Bolitoglossa rufescen.




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