SKUA Nature Group has created and manages the first project of Nature Reserves entirely developed for and dedicated to NatureTourism and Nature Photography. A new kind of offer, different from a simple itinerary in a destination or a photographic session in a hide, it’s a world entirely conceived and organised for nature lovers.

Our team also works in different countries in the creation of nature itineraries for territorial enhancement, independently or in collaboration with local agencies and authorities, to provide great birding and photographic expeditions in remote and evocative places with the support of the most experienced group in Europe in this field.

From North to South, from East to West, the Network aims to include the best and exclusive nature areas of all Europe and more, to gather them and strengthen their preservation. A large Network, made to photograph and observe all the target species of the different countries and to have the opportunity to develop useful and concrete conservation and research actions to preserve these beautiful but fragile areas.

Max Biasioli

SKUA Nature Director INNATE Co-director

Iberia Coordinator

Mercedes R. Romero

Marketing & Communication

Sara Genovese

Technical area Coordinator

Paolo Fumagalli

The Network is constantly growing and our team is already working on several new reserves in different Countries.As ex- plained before, our aim is to gather important nature areas that are frequented by the most representative target species of each country and develop in these areas a responsible nature tourism, in order to be able to run concrete conservation and research projects.The new reserves include different kind of habitats: from steppe-like habitat in Spain to the boreal forest in Latvia and the wetlands of the Po Delta in Italy, and more. Private owners and public institutions constantly ask us to develop nature areas, with the goal of including them in our Network; most likely, next year scenario will see the inclusion of about 7 new reserves.

Besides the reserves, our job is also supporting tour operators, companies, local istitutions and public authorities of other countries in the development of a complete nature tourism offer. Our team deals with the creation of nature tourism itineraries that meet the requirements of the international market, making all the necessary ground reconnaissance of the sites, pointing out the most interesting species, places and paths to propose, the best solutions in terms of accommodation facilities and logistics depending on the different target clientele to reach and in general providing a professional support on the development of the whole project (from the training of local guides to the creation of promotional material and websites,etc.).At a bigger scale,we support governing bodies in the development of a nature tourism offer that covers the entire country, involving local companies, accommodation facilities and others operators in a network, to create a local economy based on this increasing market.

Thanks to our BLOG, constantly updated by our reserve coordinators and hide-keepers, you can keep informed in real time about new photographic opportunities, new hides, events or expeditions.


Everyday we post on our social networks images taken by our hide-keepers and clients from the several international reserves included in the Network, but in these websites is indeed difficult to keep track and see the older ones. To give you a complete and updated overview we archive the best pictures in our photo gallery.


Wherever we work we set logistic or representative offices and visitor centres where to give to visitors updated information and take care of the organization of nature tourism-related activites. In some of our centres there are little nature shops where it is possible to find technical equipments, books and bird guides, and nature gadgets.



Hectares of Exclusive Estates

Birds to Observe

Species to Photograph




Countries with active projects and partnerns

Countries where we work directly

An incredible number of species to photograph in comfortable new generation hides. In every reserve, thanks to expert guides, you can find information and advices to take amazing pictures of target species, as well as to photograph less required but still very interesting and particular species.

Depending on the season, you can plan your experience and enjoy close encounters with your favourite species.

In order to make a distinction and gather the reserves that present similarities, we have divided them into 3 macro-groups to differentiate usability, logistics and organization. However, each reserve has its own features that pratically lead to the fact that every project is different from the others and unique; it’s our team’s job to develop these areas in a way that guarantees and provides the same high qualitative and ethical standards, be it for hides or nature guiding or accommodation services.

All our reserves are real nature paradises where every visitor is attended and supported with professionalism and courtesy. Even if nature photography is a very important feature in our work, in all our areas we do also organize high level birdwatching and wildwatching tours. Our reserves offer the opportunity to easily observe rare species or species that are otherwise difficult to find in the Western Paleartic, such as Pallas’s Gull, Paddyfield Warbler, Booted Warbler, Red-necked Nightjar or Black-winged Kite.



International Project Coordinator

Nicola Scatassi





Our Network regularly adds new reserves and nature areas, that we carefully select among the several proposals of collaboration that we receive, on a weekly basis, from landowners or public institutions.

Our idea to develop exclusive reserves entirely dedicated to nature tourism has proved to be a succesful project, as it allows nature areas, private or public, to have a specific connotation and become points of reference for this kind of responsible and respectful tourism.






SKUA Nature is a private company with unique characteristics. The team is made of highly motivated naturalists, who strongly believe that the projects carried on by SKUA can give important contributions to nature conservancy, through concrete actions and by raising money for local research studies and actions.

In all the reserves we develop, we activate actions dedicated to nature conservancy and biodiversity studies using funds coming from nature tourism activities and in collaboration with various public or private organizations

An incredible country rich in history and traditions with some of the most beautiful cities in the world, as Venice and Rome. An extremely varied land where in a few kilometers it's possible to travel from the warm Mediterranean sea to the top of the Alps, passing through picturescque views and environments rich in fauna and flora. We take you to discover this treasure with local expert guides, placed all over Italy.

Our mission is to offer experiences in which Birdwatching and other naturalistic observations are joined with rich gastronomic and folkloristic aspects thet only the most beautiful country in the world can give you!

Our reserves represent aWorld entirely dedicated to the passion of your clientele ... and your own!

In most of the reserves we allow no more than 2 groups of 6 photographers or 1 group of 12 birders every week.A location to share only with other nature lovers or even, on demand, to enjoy in total exclusivity.

Our team is at the professionals’s disposal to help them organizing in the best possible way all the logistics and technical aspects, as for example, to choose the better excursions to add to the standard itinerary depending on the period or preparing the place for the use of new photographic techniques such us night photography, time lapse, etc.




A complete brochure that includes all the information about our team and the Network; reserves, new frontiers of nature tourism, consulting services and conservation projects.