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Northern Italy SKUA reserves network gathers natural areas in Po River Valley and Delta involving different habitats.

The Northwest Italy rice fields around Vercelli host a huge number of species which nest in this area: Black- winged Stilts, Lapwings, Black-headed Gulls and Yellow Wagtails. Hundreds of other waders, terns, herons and egrets take shelter here. This birds’ paradise is famous for its spectacular bird life and attracts birders and photographers at every season, being close to other habitats like woods and Monferrato hills.

Po Delta is rated as one of the areas with the highest biodiversity in Europe. The close Apennine hills offer the chance to admire Lesser Kestrel and Red-footed Falcon, Eurasian Honey Buzzard and Short-toed Eagle. European Bee-eater, Collared Pratincole, Pygmy Cormorant, Ferruginous Duck, Greater Flamingo, Bearded Reedling, Montagu’s Harrier, Golden Oriole, all nine species of the European breeding herons, hundreds of waterfowl and lots more.


More than a hundred hectares of cultivated farmland have been turned into a wet natural habitat, which include open body of waters, reedbeds and wet meadows.


In the northwestern part of Italy, the Vercelli province is famous for the traditional rice-fields that are important rural habitats and feeding stations for several species.


In La Mandria Regional Park, history

and nature intertwine creating

a perfect combination of emotions

and culture.


The Po Delta area is well known as one of the most famous italian birding hotspots, with more than 300 bird species, as well as a good number of other groups of animals and plants too.



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