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The number of species that can be photographed in this reserve depends on the period. Without any doubt, spring is the best time of the year. At that time Black Vultures, Griffon Vultures, Egyptian Vultures, Black and Red Kites, Rufous Bush Robins, Golden Orioles, Shrikes and Hawfinches become the stars of the hides offering many chances to take awesome pictures. Rufous Bush Robin prefers specific areas for nesting and live. With no doubts, it seems that one of the drinking hides of the reserve has the typical features that these birds love enough to come back every year from mid May up to the

end of September.

From April to November the drinking hides become the unique place where many birds can find water. Many passerines come in large numbers, delighting us with their baths,

fast passages and funny ways of eating. On the other hand, the big birds of prey make this place unique. Black Storks, Golden Eagles, Spanish Imperial Eagles and Booted Eagles choose this territory to live and grow their chicks. Not only them…Red and Black Kites, Ravens, Griffon Vultures and the majestic beauty of the Black Vultures. They all come in sequence to eat the banquet we offer to them from the dedicated hides. And, close to one of our hides dedicated to birds of prey, the Golden Eagle breeds. From these hides it is possible to observe the low flight of the Short-toed Eagle, the Shrikes assaulting Black Kites which

come too much close to their nests. Black and White Storks visit the hides, as well as curious foxes and funny Egyptian Mongooses and Badgers. The high number of species, the climate and the stunning landscapes make this land a Nature Sacred Temple that

nobody can miss.